“You can’t go OUT, once you decided to go IN”

Many ARMYs said that phrase when they joined the fandom of BTS (방탄소년단). Hmm, Let me say I don’t believe them at first because for me, you can quit anytime you want for the reason that it is your own life and choice. But then when I take the same path they choosed, I realized I was wrong. Probably, you’re thinking the same way as I am when you’re not an ARMY yet. But let me tell you my story, the obstacles on the road of becoming an ARMY.


I don’t know that much about BTS back then. And I’m not that interested with them that time, so literally, I just know their Group name and just slightly familiar with their faces. But when you ask me about who is who and when they debuted and such, hah! Don’t even ask, cause I’m clueless af.


At that time I’m a both AHGASE(GOT7 fandom) and CARAT(SEVENTEEN fandom). So everytime I heard someone talking about BTS, I just shrugged it off. To tell you honestly, my first impression about them was not that good. Hmm, maybe because of fandoms rivalry or because of ARMY. ㅋㅋㅋ Yeah, you read it right. I’m sorry but I really thought at that time, that some ARMY don’t have a so called “Attitude”(Mianhamnida). For the reason that I always heard some rumors and encountered a situation where ARMYs are fighting with each other and other fandoms and such. And it makes them look like a war-freak and also it makes me think that they are the ones destroying their own fandom and group image .

To tell you honestly, everytime I saw BTS back then, my reaction be like:

“Nahhh, They’re not that good tho”

ㅋㅋㅋ Probably for the fact that my mind was already set that I must not like them because of the bad impression that I gathered.


The time has come that BTS got sensational and popular in our school. Everywhere I go, I heard my fellow students are talking about them, BTS’s merchandise hanging in their bags and seeing some group of students dancing the BTS’s choreography inside the campus . They even perform some dance cover of BTS on stage in our events tho. So I feel like I’m left out. ㅋㅋㅋ In fact, my friends are the same as me tho. But during the event, I’m enjoying myself watching their performances.

It was September 2016 when I decided to take a try joining the fandom of BTS by browsing, surfing, and watching their interviews to know them better and helps me decide whether I’ll join or nah. ㅋㅋㅋ Tell me that I’m hypocrite and such, but I’m not that serious when I made that decision to take a try. I’m not amused when I watch the first video I saw of on of the BTS variety show which is the starshow 360. My struggle is real that time, I really can’t distinguish who is who so fast. I got confused and I feel burdened and it gives me a hard time tho. Hahaha, I know its exaggerated but I gave up that quickly. Maybe because of I’m lacking of courage and reason why I need to stan the group.

I’m the type of person when I do things, I must know the reason why I do that and have a full of courage so that I can make it. 


The time has come that my curiosity about BTS burst out. And its getting on my nerves. Don’t worry but this time, I seriously decided to take a try again. It’s like my inner soul encouraging me to be curious about them. Ugh jinja, exaggeration is real people ㅋㅋ!

But what can I do? I just gave up and choosed the path of becoming an ARMY. As time goes by, I can feel that I’m starting to fall for them.

“그 손을 내밀어줘 SAVE ME! SAVE ME. I need your LOVE before I FALL, FALL”

And then VIOLA! I realized I’m already addicted to them. They grew on me so fast huhu. October 15, 2016 the date that I become an ARMY (WINGS released). Honestly, I didn’t tell my friends about this. They only know that TAETAE is my baV tho


BTS is like a medicine for me tho. Aish! I NEED them everyday to boost me up.

“I NEED YOU boys
왜 혼자 사랑하고 혼자서만 이별해
왜 다칠 걸 알면서 자꾸 니가 필요해”

ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I think you feel me if you’re starting to:

  • -stay overnight to watch their videos such as BANGTAN BOMBS etc!
  • -feel like you need to get updated about their current situations.
  • -download(when you’re broke like me)/buy all their albums.
  • -get crazy every time they drop a BOMB!
  • -get excited when someone post a fan made videos of them and such.
  • -cry for no reason every time you saw them/watching their videos.

There’s so many to mention guyseuuu~ But I’ll just stop here.


At first, I’m having a hard time choosing my bias, like wth, they’re all a bias wrecker I cannot choose men. but damn~

“If you can’t choose your bias, your bias will choose you “

Someone wreck my hearteuuu. Wanna know who is he?

Tss, ofcourse as I’ve mentioned above its my baV TAETAE ㅋㅋㅋㅋ. Ugghh how can be someone hate him, right? He’s an adorable fluffy cinnamon roll that I’ve ever known. He’s really unique. He had a unique attitude, beauty, personality –Ugh he’s unique overall. Mygashh.


To tell you frankly, when I first saw him, he really caught my attention.

Ah! I really want to take care of him like my own child or maybe husband (^^) . Or put him inside my pocket or maybe spoiled him like Kookie did every time. Muehehe. As you can see, I’m proud to be a solid hardcore delulu TAEKOOK shipper.

“TAEKOOK shippers are delusional” They said. But meeen, who’s talking?

Fight me! TAEKOOK is real /cri/. And you cant do anything about that.


Guyseuu, take note I love all the BTS members as much as I love TAETAE. Okay, I lied (Will I accompany Jimin? I’m trap in a LIE too lol) maybe 5% greater for TAETAE ㅋㅋㅋ . But jinja I love them equally and I considered them as my babies.


So when I already know them better and stanned them, I regretted the time when I dissed them and judged them. Hayyss, guyseu I sincerely apologize for that. BANGTAN SONYEONDAN! Saranghaeyo (사랑해요) and Mianhamnida(미안합니다) ! Please accept my apology. /cri/


For all the k-poppers( ARMY/NOT) or non k-poppers , guys please refrain from judging k-pop fandom or groups when you really don’t know about them that much.Not just in k-pop but also for all the fellow living individuals.

For people who’s still deciding to enter specific k-pop fandom, guys just be patient and just choose whatever you want.

It’s better to take a risk/try, than losing that opportunity without even trying. 

And for my fellow ARMYs, I ask you to continue supporting our beloved BTS no matter what happens and love them as much as you can not just your bias/bias wrecker but also each member of our Beloved BTS. And also, ARMYs Let’s help each other so that our unity will be stronger. Don’t let someone drag us down. HWAITING ARMY!

What’s on your mind? Are we on the same path?

What road did you take before becoming an ARMY?

What can you say? Please let me know on the comment!





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