Slipping into the DIAMOND LIFE is NO JOKE

How did I know about SEVENTEEN (세븐틴)? And How did I become a CARAT?

It all started last 2015. My sister introduced me to a group called Seventeen. She let me watch their music video of ADORE U. At first, I didn’t like them cause I’m not into that kind of thing, stanning K-Idols but after hearing the song for so many times I kind’ a like it and I just repeat the song for so many times.

First person I knew? Of course no other than or eommo-ni, our cheonsa, Yoon Jeonghan. He has this long hair up to his shoulders that I really like. And I’m kind of jealous for his hair, really! I want that kind of hair. (cri)



As months pass, I continue to watch their music video up until the MANSAE era. Like wtf, they’re so gorg and the talent that they possess is so ……… (Can’t express it). Kim Mingyu, the tall, dark (LOL DARK!), and handsome guy from the HipHop Team. In that era, his hair fits him well. Also that girl in that music video, who is she? She’s so lucky. Very lucky. Being with the boys like that and interacting with them makes me jealous. Jinja!!!



Next era, the PRETTY U era. Where Xu Minghao/The 8 captured my heart. His cuteness attracts me. Him being thug attracts me more. His b-boying skills attracts me the most. Watching the music video is heaven. You can see that they’re really enjoying it and there is no pressure on them. Pretty U era is really a pretty era. Winning 3 awards in that era is a great start for them for they are just a rookie back in that time.



The following era, where during the promotions our Jeon Wonwoo is not present, is the AJU NICE era. Releasing a full of energy song where you can join and dance to the beat. But sadly, Wonwoo is not there. Uri-Mingyu must be sad. L (LOL! Meanie shipper is me!). But seriously (serious face -_- ) I’m worried for Wonwoo. Having an acute gastritis is not a joke. Being a student studying anatomy, acute gastritis must be treated immediately. But even if they are not complete, the fact that they still did their best is AJU NICE! (insert Aju Nice tone).



The latest era, the BOOM BOOM era got us like

“Boom Boom, Boom Boom. Yeah! Boom Boom, Boom Boom”.

Everything is perfect. Their hair, their looks, their song, their choreography. You just can’t find any flaws. The 8’s hair shocked me. Srsly! From brown to red, then when they performed at Seoul Music Awards he’s hair is suddenly bluish silver is color. Daebak! And also all of them improved especially for our maknae Dino, who is graduating today, February 3, 2017, in high school. Chukahae Dino-yah! (applause applause)

This year, in the month of February, is a very busy schedule for them. Promoting their latest album, Make A Wish, Make It Happen, and Going Seventeen. In my opinion, Japanese carats are very very very very veeeeeeeery lucky. Coz like most of their schedule will be held in Japan like fanmeetings and such. So if you have a spare time, carat-duels in Japan, please support them for me juseyo. Give them love and support so we can show how much we appreciate their efforts. They’’ll give back the love and support anyway, cause they also appreciate our effort. Kamsahamnida (감사합니다). Hwaiting!

Did you feel what I feel? How did you become a CARAT?

Tell me about yours in the comment!

p.s the GIF’s and pics are not mine. Credits to the owners .



12 thoughts on “Slipping into the DIAMOND LIFE is NO JOKE”

  1. I’m a carat too! and my bias are Hansol Vernon Chwe and Jeon Wonwoo ! I have the same thoughts as you in BOOM BOOM era. Like waaah, they’re so hot af. I’m so sad in AJU NICE era tho. My wonu-ya was not able to perform mygashh.

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  2. Carat here~
    My bias is uri Jihoonie❤
    I am of the same opinion as you in that they are super talented and really, no visual blackholes at all. I’m jinjja proud of our boys and their successful comeback!!

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  3. My one and only fandom is Carat!^^ I slipped to the diamond life because of Choi Seungcheol. Tss. Rude Leader! Hahaha. Now, I already have 3 biases. Coups, Woozi and Hoshi. THERE IS NO WORD AS ‘LOYAL’ IN THIS GROUP. WE ALL KNOW THAT HAHAHA. And I feel the same! Let support Seventeen all the way!~ Carats and Seventeen Fighting!

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  4. @Hurricane I myself is not loyal hahaha.. sshh, they’re all my husbands tho. don’t let them see this. kekeke

    – ADMIN kieon kookae


  5. Aaah your carat story is so sweet😍. I also a carat hihi.. Hansol caught my eyes during Akkinda performance (he was wearing donut hoodie AND SO CUTE). Not only handsome, seventeen are so talented, thats why i stanning them. Nice to meet you😉


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