My Comeback Anticipation

 Our anticipation for Twice comeback is coming to end…!!


  • Twice will be making a comeback this 20th of february 0:0 kst with there title crack knock knock together with there cool track list featured songs.!!



  • Twice was dropping some cool teasers in a unexpected time. It make the fans, the onces to be more excited for their upcoming comeback. Teasers are  said to be uploaded on media by official TWICE accounts day by day…




  • Their teasers was showing not only their cuteness but also their sexiness and hotness. This group had made a cool and great example of not being just cute but also a hot and a sexy one…



Fans, onces really believe that they will comeback with a new and fresh one…

A comeback that would hit the number one and a comeback that would just astonish and astound us all..

Don’t stop supporting and loving TWICE!!..



Together we, onces!! Let us anticipate and support twice for their upcoming comeback!!

Feel free to leave a word in the comment box for your thoughts!!

One in a milion twice imnida!! Hwaiting!!



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