As expected TWICE never failed to surprise us….


They had comeback with a new concepts. Which is a cool, bubbly, cute and a sexy one. Teasers actually giving a hint on what would be the outcome of a comeback but unexpectedly TWICE gave us a lot of shocks.

Fans, the onces,  expected a lot but TWICE  once again slayed us all..

Music Video; KNOCK KNOCK

Twice members cuteness and sexiness really show up. The Music video can tell how pretty and crazy our girls are, showing us  that they were just happy and having fun for what they were doing. Apparently this song is like a love song with a jolly beat and rhythm that can be easily followed.


Twice KNOCK KNOCK Music Video has been uploaded just last February 19, 2017. Not less done a week up till now but their MV had already reach almost twenty- five plus million views in youtube. This only shows that many people really loves them.

Dance Practice Video; KNOCK KNOCK

Are you ready to follow the next signature dance and poses of Twice??. It started from Sana’s “shy shy shy”, followed by Dahyun’s “neumohae neumohae”, AND THEN WHAT NEXT?? Their new dance was so cool and lively, their steppings were just great and gracegul. Twice really gave us  the best comeback!!



Please support TWICE  for this comeback and all throughout their promotions!!

Don’t forget to drop your thoughts in the comment box!! kamsa!!





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