Shipping a person to the another person, is common to all k-poppers. Whether it is Boy x Girl, Girl x Girl or Boy x Boy.

So, every ARMY has their own favorite OTP (ship) in Bangtan. There are so many OTP in BTS because some fans actually ship all of them to one another. And TAEKOOK/VKOOK  is one of the most popular OTP in Bangtan.

[Cr. owner]
TAEKOOK/VKOOK is the OTP nickname of the Two member in BTS. And thats Taehyung/V and Jungkook‘s name combined together. And it was officially stated by Taehyung and Jungkook on one of their video.

Check it out Below @ 1:38

[Credits to ARMYsZUTTER]

The two are obviously affectionate to each other and many fans noticed it. And that’s the beginning for TAEKOOK/VKOOK shipper to sail their ship.

TAEKOOK used to be sitting beside each other in their debut days at their Fan signing event. And many TAEKOOK shippers are so happy about it. But in Past 3 years,  the order of the seat of BTS has been changed and it is the time that TAEKOOK was separated.

[Credits to taekookforreal]

Shippers/fans also noticed that V and Jungkook are slightly avoiding each other. I mean they’re not that affectionate nor sweet to one another compare to their bond/closeness before.

Why you do this?

Many Shippers/fans speculated that maybe BigHit Entertainment also noticed the bond of TAEKOOK. And they thought that it might make the malicious fans to spread some malicious rumors or scandals that can ruin the image of the Group and their Entertainment. So they decided to separate the two.

It hurts men~

In that era, Other shippers said that TAEKOOK OTP is slowly dying due to its silence. And that made the TAEKOOK shippers put in despair. But they are still hoping that their ship will sail in the mere future.

TAEKOOK shippers be like: Ichukiee, Let’s endure this.

Recently,  during the BTS: WINGS comeback in 2016 the TAEKOOK shippers felt that TAEKOOK will slowly arise soon and that made them so excited and anticipating.


And as soon as the  2017 comes, the two particular member are noticeably back to being so close and affectionate to each other. Their moments in ISAC 2017, Awarding Events are so precious and even in their Fan signing events, they are back! And us, TAEKOOK shippers, are so blessed and overwhelmed about it.

So happy~

See all their compiled moments in Youtube from a specific famous TAEKOOK shipper youtuber.

[Just click the Picture below to direct]





For how many years, TAEKOOK shippers were begging to BigHit Ent. to return the seat order of TAEKOOK in fan signing. And the time of the return of TAEKOOK fan sign has finally come. Thanks to the support of fans who didn’t lose their hope.

[Credits Maknaez for the video]

We/They noticed that the two are now inseparable, and they don’t care what others will say about them. It feels like they have their own world, just the two of them. /cri/


[Credits for all the videos, gifs and pictures that I used above, all of it are from the rightful owners except the featured image that I personally edited. Kamsahamnida!]


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(A/N: Aish! As you can see, I’m an avid hardcore delulu certified TAEKOOK shipper. TAEKOOK is real and you can’t do anything about it. And for other TAEKOOK shippers/supporters out there, guys huhu don’t stop believing and don’t lose hope. Let us put in mind that they are real and don’t mind the haters kekeke. Hwaiting!)




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