Just a FAN!!…

I’ll never meet her, I will never be able to touch her, I will never be able to breath the same air as her, and the worst is that she doesn’t even know that I exist… I’m just a Fan…

I am a self-centered girl,

Until I discovered you,

Your songs make my stomach twirl,

Now, I’m captivated by you.

//Fall in love with TWICE DAHYUN!!//

Is this fan love or real love?

I don’t know anymore.

You stole everything I have, 

And now, I have no more.


One day I woke up,

Many people are cheering for you.

I came to realize our gap,

And it gave me flu.

I look up at the sky,

Do you see that too?

I wish I could fly,

And go right next to you.

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Let’s stop my wishes.

I hope you’ll be happy

Thanks for the experiences,

For not letting my life be sloppy.


I love you,

I know we aren’t meant for each other,

But if we do,

We’ll meet each other and share many laughter.

Dahyuna!! Saranghae!!

You will be always my ultimate BIAS no matter what!!…. DUBU!!

Please keep supporting and loving TWICE!!




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